silent half hour

There is a great power in being with others in silence

Join us every fortnight at the beginning of the new week for a half hours silent meditation.

Bring nothing but your desire to sit in peace. No meditation experience necessary and no need to book.

Please arrive at 8.50, ready for a short reading at 8.55. We will then be in silence (the shop will be closed) until 9.30. (You are encouraged to leave quietly, and to resume your day’s activities gently.)  There is no charge.


Facilitator, Sally Petch attended many Quiet Garden days before beginning her own, using her cottage and a beautiful rural churchyard in West Sussex which was run as a wildlife sanctuary.

Dates: 11th September, 25th September, 9th October, 23rd October.

Tel 01588 630421 or e-mail for more details

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